Students in Galit Kaunitz’s oboe studio are taught to view the music learning process as a means of discovering their own unique learning style. Playing the oboe requires focus, analytical thinking, creativity, bravery, and vision. Dr. Kaunitz believes that encouraging the growth of these qualities makes students better musicians and better people. Emphasis is given to establishing strong fundamental skills, and students generally work out of the Barret Oboe Method, Ferling Studies, Pares Scale Studies, and Hite Foundation Studies for Oboe. Students are also taught how to maximize efficiency and relaxation in breathing, posture, and hand position.

Students are also encouraged to learn chamber music, solo repertoire, and orchestral excerpts. Repertoire varies according to individual needs and interests, and exposure to new music and styles is highly prioritized.

USM oboe students are given 24/7 access to the oboe reed room and reed making equipment. Each person participates in a weekly private lesson, reed class, studio class, recital class, and auditions each semester to participate in the school’s bands and orchestra. USM’s oboe studio embodies a culture of creativity, hard work, and excellence!


imslp.org (downloadable parts and scores in the public domain)

Naxos Music Library (professional recordings available by subscription- many libraries have a subscription for students)

Double Reed Dish (Galit and Jacqui’s double reed podcast featuring interviews with oboists and bassoonists from all over the world)